Friday, December 4, 2009

Beautiful Skin is important!

As an African American  women it is a life long process to mainting healthy & beautiful skin . This issue rarely is arised in our community until we start  to age. I know from experience when I was young I used to eat a lot of unhealty foods such as candy, chips, and would drink plenty of soda. Sad to say I still eat snacks like that often today, but I do also know I am not the only one. Many young African American female youth  do not know that eating unhealthy snacks plays a major part in your skin to loose its natural features. You should treat your skin  like it is something  very meaningful to you  like a precious necklace or a autographed Chris Brown poster. Yes your skin is that important, and if it wasn't we wouldn't age so well!!

I found this great article online using easy steps  keep your skin looking vibrant!!

Here is the link:

                                        Do you know any traditional ways to keep your Skin Healthy Looking?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Miss Black America

I came accross this article about whether or not Miss Black America should come back.
Well at first  I wasn't familiar with the paegent so I did my research.

Brief History: "J. Morris Anderson first created and produced the Miss Black America Pageant on August 17, 1968. The puporse of the Paegent is“To provide a forum for the Black Man to say his wife is mentally, spiritually, and physically beautiful" These beautiful Black women would showcase their talents and to set aside the already negative views of Black Women.
From the past to present there has always been a lingering  negative image of Back Women in America. Today many young girls hardly have see a positive image of a Black Woman due to what media portrays them as "Video Vixens, Strippers, etc."

Good News the rebirth of the Miss Black America 2009 is HERE!!!!!

There has also been local coverage of what may come in the near future......

I am excited to see who they pick especially in the DC, MD, VA!!

Do you think this could make a major Change in the Black Community?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dark Skinned Women Should love the skin their in....

Do men prefer light-skinned women?

After reading the article "Do men prefer light-skinned women"  has really made me wonder how African-American women think about themselves internally. Many women today are influenced by Media and feel as though they need to change their appearance on a consistant basis to get a man. One of the jaw-breakers that come to mind are the many similarities, yet few differences between light-skinned & dark-skinned women. Some dark-skinned females tend to feel like they need to "improve" their skin tone by using skin lighteners. I feel hurt because of being considered a dark-skinned woman, you should not only be proud of your skin but yourself as a person overall. Every individual has unique characteristics that set them apart from others and I believe skin tone should be the least of our worries. My favorite quote   is "When you love the skin your in, you attract the strong, the meaningful, and the powerful " 

Below is a  slide-show presentation of beautiful dark-skinned Sistahs!!!

Beautiful Dark Skinned Women Do exist...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conditions of Racial Inequality?

  The other day when I was in my Philosphy class, my Professor Mr. Petit displayed a list of Twenty Coniditions of Racial Inequality. He asked the class whether or not if they agreed with these conditions if so, why aren't there any changes to improve these conditions?   Some of the conditions consisted of  Poverty Rate, Unemployment Rate, AIDS Cases and Homicide Rate etc. I figured that many African Americans don't take the intiative or action unless it has an detrimental effect on their family.  Unemployment Rate is high among the African American Community because some settle for Welfare Services and feel like there is no hope because of their race. I believe that some changes could start from what is taught in the home like Morals, Values and Ethics, but the improvement of these conditions would not happen as quick as we would like.

Do you think there is any hope of changing these "Conditions"?